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3PL Evaluations & Selections

Our proven methodology consists of two phases:

1. Selection

The selection phase begins by evaluating your current operation and researching viable alternative strategies. We then guide you through the bid process with existing and perspective vendors. Each service/solution offering is carefully documented and reviewed. Next, a strategic and data-driven recommendation is made.

2.  Implementation.

Implementation starts with additional research and planning. We then begin development of the solution that best meets your business goals and needs. Once completed the new solution undergoes extensive testing and final preparation. Finally, we work together on your go-live.

Our evaluation and selection methodology enables:

  • Comprehensive 3PL cost models
  • A 3PL selection based upon facts and data
  • Greater accessibility and use of information for decision making
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Decreased implementation risks

3PL Evaluation & Selection


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