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Decommission & Liquidation

Trash or Cash?

Liquidating existing MHE assets can be a daunting task. Not only must you sell the equipment, but you must also consider the requirements for exiting the facility. How fast can it be torn out, and what about the facility or space that you are vacating? Floors, electrical runs, air systems, work stations, temporary offices, network cabling, etc. all have to be removed or addressed per the owners exit specifications. A well-documented, detailed distribution center liquidation plan executed by an experienced staff can make this challenging task a much simpler one.

Our Process

Here are some general steps to give you an idea of how the process normally works:
1. We request information on the contents of the facility and deadlines to meet for project
2. We travel to the facility to inspect, inventory and take pictures of all equipment to be sold.
3. We place a value on all equipment that needs to be sold.
4. We devise a schedule for the equipment to be dismantled (if not already down).
5. We will discuss and agree on terms.
6. We dismantle, sell and remove all equipment.


RESOURCE's distribution center liquidation process begins by taking a comprehensive assessment of all of the equipment in your facility. All equipment is scrutinized to determine residual value. The equipment is documented and organized by category in a spreadsheet known as the Bill of Material (BOM); the BOM also indicates which items are available for sale and which assets are retained by owner. The list is then reviewed with your team to confirm that the BOM is accurate. With this comes an expected return on the equipment based on the “Market Value.”


The RFQ is a critical component of the liquidation process. It outlines all of the requirements that you and the re-use vendors must follow during the bidding and de-installation process. RESOURCE's team will draft the RFQ and then review it with your project team. With RESOURCE there is a plan for success, not merely the hope of success.


RESOURCE distributes the RFQ to its extensive network of vendors to open the bidding on the MHE. RESOURCE will work with you to determine the appropriate number of participants in the process. Next, vendors are invited to walk through the facility to assess the equipment for sale. An RESOURCE engineer will supervise the walk through and answer questions from the vendors. The vendors will then be given a deadline to submit their bids. RESOURCE will manage the collection and recording of bids as well as each round of the bidding process until you agree to accept a final bid(s) or the deadline occurs. Winning bidders are then notified and equipment de-installation begins.

The RESOURCE Project Manager (PM) will have full responsibility for the entire project and will be your representative for all matters relating to the project. The PM acts as liaison between your project team and the vendor(s). The PM ensures that the work is completed on time and within project guidelines as set forth in the RFQ.

The PM will enforce compliance to project specifications and drawings, ensure strict adherence of all applicable safety and plant standards and has final sign-off responsibilities for de-installation close-out.