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Software Roadmap

Technology is a critical component of any supply chain network. For a supply chain strategy to be most achievable and effective, a well thought out Technology Roadmap is key. RESOURCE recognizes this relationship. We have assisted many clients in evaluating their current environment, determining the right technology direction and defining the best way to reach their goal.

A sound roadmap not only ensures that the suite of solutions supports the business, but that they are prioritized based on benefit, capability and need. By understanding the business drivers and influencers upfront, we have a sound foundation for defining the right solution direction while maximizing the approach that provides the greatest return on investment – and at the right time. We also believe a successful roadmap needs to consider more than just technology. Business process optimization, organizational impact and the ability of the organization to undertake such change are critical considerations.

Because every client is different, we tailor our project to your unique needs and requirements – and the level of analysis to balance results with investment. Our proven practices, methods and templates provide us a consistent basis for our projects, but allows the flexibility to easily adjust to your organization.

RESOURCE blends in our wide industry expertise, knowledge of business and technology trends and leverage our vast array of partnerships. Our people have not only consulted with key players in your industry, but have also "lived it" as corporate leaders that have executed the vision they helped shape. We will bring that same expertise and passion to your organization to achieve the right Technology Roadmap.

Technology Roadmap

  • ERP (Enterpriser Resource Planning)
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)
  • WES (Warehouse Execution Systems)
  • WCS (Warehouse Control Systems)
  • Routing
  • Sorting
  • Slotting
  • Cubing
  • Order Fulfillment


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