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Location, Location, Location….

In distribution facilities, like real estate, location makes all the difference. Where you place your product—“slotting”—affects productivity, worker safety and order accuracy. You want fast-moving items in the most accessible locations, kitted items kept together, heavy items placed to minimize damage and your total storage capacity optimized.

RESOURCE’s Slotting Optimization solutions increase workforce efficiency, shortens order fulfillment cycles and maximizes throughput by determining the best location to slot your inventory based on the broadest set of goals and constraints in the industry. This intelligent analysis, is based on using a combination of customer information and software to improve customer service by strategically grouping items together for fulfillment—and updating placement recommendations based on trends and seasonal variations.

Slotting Optimization uses data on each product’s physical characteristics and order frequency to calculate a relative value for each position its slot might inhabit within your facility. Then it aggregates these values for all products, and compares millions of move combinations against your user-configured strategies to determine the single optimal layout for your warehouse.

Slotting Optimization:

  • Determines the best placement of inventory

  • Solves space utilization problems by determining the appropriate storage capacity and volume-balancing levels

  • Maintains your preferred item sequencing and family groupings

  • Imports sample sets of data and simulated picking assignments to enable advanced cost analysis and determine optimal personnel placement

  • Captures data and simplifies analysis for tracking key slotting performance indicators

  • Recommends incremental adjustments as products are added or deleted, to meet seasonal demand or to accommodate other changes as they occur

Slotting & Optimization


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